Staffing Services

Front Range Staffing tackles your toughest challenges.

Grow Your Workforce. Overcome Every Obstacle.

Let Front Range Staffing handle your personnel needs – you just focus on getting work done. Our staffing services include:
Contract Staffing
Use our skilled contractors to add agility to your workforce without increasing your full-time headcount. Meet unpredictable demand, fill in for vacations or absences, and complete special projects on time.
Avoid the risk of a bad hire with contract-to-hire staffing. You’ll have the chance to evaluate a candidate for skills and cultural fit before deciding whether to add them to your full-time roster.
Direct Hire
Find all-star talent faster than your competitors. We take care of recruiting and screening to present you with only the best candidates for your open roles.
Ease the administrative burden on your team. Let us handle paycheck distribution, tax withholding, workers’ compensation, benefits, and more for the contract employes of your choosing.
Our on-site coordinator will oversee your large contingent workforce and handle everything from job requisitions to payroll, training, and more.

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