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Staffing Questions and Misconceptions

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Most companies and job seekers have at one time or another, had an experience with a Staffing Agency and while most are familiar with how we as an Industry operate, there are some common misconceptions on how a Staffing Agency operates. We would like to answer some of the most common questions and misconceptions to help you figure out whether working with or for a Staffing Agency is for you.

A Staffing Agency is only for temporary work; I want a permanent position not just a temp job.

There are many different types of Staffing Agencies, which can vary by types of types positions filled, length of contract and Industries.

  •  Traditional – Most fall within this category and work with all types of companies and industries, and fill not only the temporary and seasonal needs, but also temp to hire and direct hire positions for the company that the staffing agency partners with. These companies typically pay weekly or you might be hired directly by the company, require a resume and specific skill-set and can either just place someone in a position or require multiple interviews for the positions they staff.
  • Technical/Specialized – Some Agencies focus on specific Industries and types positions, for example; Information Technology, Healthcare, Hospitality, Event Staffing, and Professional Headhunting services. These types of companies are usually temp to hire, contract or direct hire based positions and have short to long term contracts, are on an on call basis or hire directly for the company.
  • Day Labor- Some Agencies hire for companies that have an immediate need for employees on a temporary basis, employees are able to show up early in the morning and be dispatched to work or are on an on call basis and have the ability to be paid for their services daily.

Will I be charged to work with a Staffing Agency or paid less because I am through an Agency?

The companies we work with pay us to find qualified employees for positions, no employment agency should ever charge you to work with them. Employment through a Staffing Agency can be treated as a probationary period and once that has been met, some companies might give an increase when you become their employee. Front Range Staffing pays our employees what they would be making if they were a permanent employee with our clients.

Most companies don’t use a Staffing Agency and the positions that Staffing Agencies have don’t have the type of positions I am looking for.

Staffing Agencies work in all Industries and can staff for any position within a company. According to the American Staffing Association, over 33% of companies have used a Staffing Agency within the past year. If you have a specific skill-set, try and find a Staffing Agency that specializes in placing people with that skillset. Front Range Staffing ‘s Recruiting team is highly trained on a vast array of Industries and positions, when we bring you in we are not only assessing you for the positions you might have applied for but for any positions our clients might have a current and future need for.

If I sign up with Front Range Staffing, does that mean I am contractually obligated to work with just you?

No. We are just one piece of your job search, we hope to be able to find you that perfect position but depending on your skills, job history and various other factors, it might not always work out. You should continue to search for employment until you have found employment. However, we work hard to find the right match for our clients and for our employees so if you accept one of a position plan on completing that assignment or working towards becoming a permanent employee with the client company eventually.

Can I apply directly with the company that the Staffing Agency sends me too?

Not unless you have met you your time obligation with the Staffing Agency and the Client. We work hard to the find opportunities we send you to, our Clients are all aware that they are required to meet a certain amount of time before hiring you on. You are welcome to check in often to see how much time you have left before you can be hired on, it is our mission to find people permanent positions and we are thrilled when we are able to do this!

I have applied with Staffing Agencies and never have received a phone call. Do they just collect resumes until they have a position?

No. When you apply, a Staffing Representative will look at your resume to review that you have the skills that the Customer and the Position require. If not, they will most likely hold on to your resume until something that does fit your experience opens up. Front Range Staffing highly recommends that after you submit your resume or application, that you call to follow up. We receive hundreds of applicants a day but are more than happy to take your call expressing your interest or to ask questions, we want to work with people who follow up, are interested in our positions, and are actively seeing employment!

We would love to hear your questions and possibly add them to this list to help others better understand what we do, please email with any questions or comments and we would be happy to answer them.



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